Multimedia support in Ubuntu

Here my experience on installing Multimedia support in Ubuntu.
I reccomend to follow the Ubuntu WIKI for Restricted format, I did it for Kubuntu and Ubuntu and it simply works. You have to use the consolle, but the installation at the end will be very clean and functional.

Here is the link:

I tryed Automatix in Ubuntu, it doesn’t really work well. It install a lot of unusefull stuff and the multimedia support is not working in some cases, i.e. DVD playing and few multimedia format. There isn’t a clear description of the many package it ask you to install, just to be sure I installed them, but at the end I found my system full of “garbage”.

It is worth to try Automatix only if you want to have an automatedinstallation of all the package that are not coming with the basic install and you are really scared of the console.
Anyway if you want to try, this is the web site :

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One Response to Multimedia support in Ubuntu

  1. Ambuj says:

    Nice Blog….
    Well i Do maintain a blog there i had written something about installing Multimedia and firefox on Kubuntu . I think it might help you.
    Keep Posting

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