Adobe Flash Player 8 on Ubuntu

If you are a Linux user, for sure, you noticed that many web site are using the latest Flash player ver. 8.0. The point is that Adobe haven’t release yet the ver. 8 for Linux and it seems that doesn’t want to. Take a look to this site:

This is a big limitation for the desktop Linux users, just an example, it is not possible to see the trailers for many new movies. The whole Internet experience is crimpled and many features are limited to the Windows users.

First of all, if you are a web developer, please don’t use Flash, use something else or at least try to use the open source version of Flash (I know, it isn’t easy).

Then, as usual, I give you solutions….2 solutions, very similar indeed.

Solution #1: Install Internet Explorer 6 using IE4Linux . The installation is pretty simple, as explained in the site and works, I swear. After installing IE, just go to the Flash site and install the new player. The video playing can be a little bit “flashing”, but it is Flash player, so what’s the matter with it.

IEs 4 Linux Forum Forum Index

Solution #2: Install Firefox using WINE and then install the Flash player. I don’t like this method because Firefox is native in Linux, so why install it under WINE. Just use IE6 installed through IE4linux. Use this method only if you don’t like IE6 and M$.

Warning: Do not try to install IE6 directly using WINE, simply doesn’t work anymore after the release 0.9.5 of WINE.

If you can, please donate to the open source projects, these guys deserve your money.

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