Samba and Firestarter: Howto

I use samba to share the folder on my Kubuntu machine with the XBOX that I use as media center. After installing Firestarter, I couldn’t access anymore the folder from any computer in my home network, XBOX included. Of course I have enabled the Samba policy in Firestarter (Port: 137-139 445) and my network address (, but still no results.

An explanation of the reason can be found in this thread of the Ubuntu Forum :

The solution is rather simple. Open Firestarter, then Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced Option, just remove the check on “Block broadcast from external network”.

Firestarter setting

That’s it. You will be able to run Firestarter and view you Samba share again.

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6 Responses to Samba and Firestarter: Howto

  1. thamood says:

    thanx a loootttt man…short and simple…..

  2. cahb says:

    i have a problem with this, i aplly the changes, but not work, and my samba is a pdc, works fine before install firestarter but after not work. please help me

  3. Jaymes says:

    I came across this exact problem and couldn’t find a solution for quite awhile. I was messing around in Firestarter and by chance I changed that setting.

    What was happening is when I went to explore the Network in Nautilus (network:///), all I saw was the ‘Windows Network’ icon. Upon opening that, nothing appeared. Very frustrating indeed!

    I checked all the settings through System -> Administration -> Services and Also System -> Administration -> Shared Folders (Ubuntu menus for 7.04) and ensured that I was on the proper Workgroup. Also checked the smb.conf as well.

    Hopefully this will help anyone else that might run into this problem!

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Ttr says:

    Still usefull 2 years later. Thanks.

  5. Joo says:

    Unbelievably simple. I have been struggling with this for so long I can’t believe it was this simple. Definitely still useful years later. Kudos!

  6. Gert says:

    for people like me where this, nor everything mentioned in:

    you might want to try this: after adding to /etc/firestarter/user-pre
    the following line:

    $IPT -A INPUT -i eth0 -d -j ACCEPT

    (replace for correct network interface and local network)

    browsing my Ubuntu server shares from Windows machines worked again…

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