Video Editing in Linux

I have tryed video editing in Linux, there is a choice of open source software to do it but don’t expect you can get the same quality of tools like Adobe premiere. Some times can even be frustating, since your project are not compatible from one revision of software to the other or the crashing is always near.

I am sorry to say that but is the crude realty. Anyway, I was able to create a good video from my wedding shooting with Kino, so the situation is not so bad. Take a look to this article, even  if I don’t agree with the first part of it, it is a good revire of the tools available.

While digital video editing today is an affordable, popular activity for both the computer hobbyist and amateur cinematographer, many people seem to think that video creation under Linux is either impossible or too difficult for the average computer user. Not so! From video capture to editing to DVD authoring and encoding, you can create high-quality videos easily with free, open source software.The applications you will require are:Cinelerra – Non-linear digital video editor and compositorKino – FireWire DV video captureXawdecode – analog (VHS and camcorder) video capture, DVB capture, streaming and TV/DVR functionalityMEncoder – video conversionDeVeDe – MEncoder GUI for easy DVD and VCD creationMPlayer – DVD and video playbackdvd::rip – for ripping DVD videoFirefox with the Flash 9 plugin and VideoDownloader extension – for capturing video off the WebK3b – for burning DVD or VCD images | Easy video creation using only FOSS software


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